The Smithsonian may provide information that it has collected about you and/or your activities at the Smithsonian to (1) a Federal, State, or local law enforcement agency if the Smithsonian becomes aware of a violation or potential violation of law or regulation; (2) a court or party in a court or Federal administrative proceeding if the Smithsonian is a party or in order to comply with a subpoena; (3) a member of the public in response to his or her request for Smithsonian records under Smithsonian Directive 807, available at; (4) the Department of Justice or in certain legal proceedings when the Smithsonian, an employee of the Smithsonian, or the United States is party to litigation or has an interest in the litigation and the use of such record is deemed relevant and necessary to the litigation; (5) Smithsonian officials, including the Inspector General, as needed to perform official duties; (6) a Committee of Congress in response to a formal request; and (7) any other person or entity as required by law. For purposes of responding to requests for information under Smithsonian Directive 807, the Smithsonian will treat personally identifiable information about volunteers in a manner that is consistent with how it treats personally identifiable information about employees.