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Smithsonian Learning Lab Digital Volunteer (Screeners)

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Sponsoring Organization:

SCLDA: Center for Learning and Digital Access

Do you have an interest in helping to make the Smithsonian a learning lab for every teacher in America? If so, volunteer to screen user-created collections to make sure they are appropriate for children and for viewing in school settings.

Key Responsibilities:
Remote volunteers (screeners) perform the following tasks:
--> Access collections for review as they are presented in a Google doc or email according to an agreed-upon schedule
--> Review collections for adherence to guidelines presented in a Smithsonian-provided rubric.
--> Within the Google doc or by return email, flag any collection of concern, providing notes, to notify Smithsonian staff members.

Qualifications & Skills:
The ideal candidate will love learning and be interested in the application of technology to education.
-->Ideal screeners will be retired teachers, pre-service teachers, museum education graduate students. Screeners should have an interest in education, schools, students, teachers, and making Smithsonian collections accessible.

Screeners must:
--> Be 18 years or older
--> Have a home computer and internet access
--> Have a Gmail address

Time Commitment:
--> Minimum pledge 3 months of active involvement
--> Volunteers commit to 2 days a week (Monday—Sunday). Volunteers check the site once per day on their scheduled day; Site review may take five minutes, or up to one hour depending upon the volume and length of submissions.


Location Information:


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This is a virtual opportunity which takes place remotely, over the internet, at your home and on your computer.

Additional Information:

Training and Support
Complete in-person or remote training on the use of Smithsonian Learning Lab, the rubric, and applicable Smithsonian policies.
Actively participate in an orientation session and regular monthly check-ins which may be conducted in person, by telephone, or via online.

Application Steps
To be selected for the position:
Complete the online application
Complete in-person or remote interview
Prior to interview—demonstrate computer literacy: Make a free user account at: learninglab.si.edu and create one collection.
Pass a background check conducted by the Smithsonian Office of Protection Services
Read and sign Smithsonian Directive 208 Appendix B, Smithsonian Standards of Conduct for Volunteers, including Confidentiality and Restrictions on Disclosure of Information


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